If you’re of a certain age (I ain’t sayin’ how old…the Blogmeister is smarter than THAT), you’ll remember Carnac the Magnificent, a recurring bit on the “Tonight Show” back when Johnny Carson was the king of late night television (sorry Dave, but Johnny was the best ever, no contest). He’d don a massive hat and supply the answers to questions sealed in envelopes BEFORE they were opened and then share the question with the audience. Kinda like a goofy version of “Jeopardy”. A couple of examples:

Carnac’s answer: “105 in Los Angeles”
The question: “Under the Reagan plan, how old would you have to be to collect Social Security?”

Carnac’s answer: “Until he gets caught”
The question: “How long does a United States Congressman serve?”

Carnac’s answer: “Dumplings”
The question: “What do you call little tiny dumps?”

You get the idea (the vast majority of them were quite naughty so the Blogmeister is leaving them to your own exploration). In that vein, I give you Blognac the Magnificent, Reader of the Future and All-Seeing Eye of the “Frozen Friday” Windward Choral Society concert. How can his Magnificence claim this? Because I wrote it BEFORE the concert and am posting it AFTER the concert so you all can see how all-seeing I really am. So there. Read on and be awed and amazed.

Blognac’s answer: “One…ONE…ONLY ONE…I MEAN IT!!!!”
The question: “How many halls are there?” (Inside joke for the chorus. I hope I’m right.)

Blognac’s answer: “Left…left…left, right, left (repeat five times)”
The question: “How do 100 singers on risers get themselves aligned so they can see?”

Blognac’s answer: “Jumping flea”
The question: “What do you call the ukulele guy whose songs aren’t back-to-back so he has to keep leaping to and from the tenor section?”

Blognac’s answer: “A sappy half-grin”
The question:  “What did every adult in the room wear when the children’s choir started singing?”

Blognac’s answer: “The >BOOM< of thunder rolling across the corn fields of Nebraska”
The question: “What did the audience’s applause sound like after the Marine Corps Party Band’s solo set?” (I bet they ROCKED.)

And opening the final envelope of our mind-boggling demonstration of death-defying prophecy:

Blognac’s answer: “More times than necessary, because she likes doing it”
The question: “How many times did Susie make a goofy face during a song to make the singers smile?”