The Blogmeister wanted to let you in on a bash being held at Ward Warehouse in the second floor conference rooms. “Celebrate Life” is a gathering for anyone and everyone affected by cancer to get together and share their stories of battles won and lost and just have a party. I know the gal who’s put it together and I have no doubt it’ll be a great time. Free pupus from local restaurants, giveaways, music, good times to be had.

It will also have a screening of “C – A Celebration of Life”, an award-winning documentary about cancer survivors featuring folks from our little town of Kailua. Seen it, was moved by it, two thumbs up. Chances are you’ll see someone in it you know.

April 2nd, be there or be square, pass the word to friends and family. If you’re singing at Paliku Theater you can sneak over after.

All the info: