One of the cardinal sins of blogging is to just link to another blog. It implies laziness or a total lack of creativity in the blocked brain. Drop back 3 yards and punt the ball to live and fight write another day. However, sometimes you just gotta do it.

The highlight of the Joy of Music is the presentation of the McCreary Na Ke Akua Aloha Mele Award, given “to those in our community who embody the spirit of aloha and who have inspired, contributed, and provided enduring leadership in promoting the joy of music.” It’s always magical and inspiring. Well, I was poking around the mysterious and all-knowing interweb and stumbled on this great entry by Katherine Crosier in her “Musings from the Organ Bench” blog about John McCreay, Susie’s dad and the award’s namesake. There was no way I was going to miss sharing it with the gang, it’s just too good.

Linked with permission of the author (who I’d love to meet in person one day).