At a recent meeting of the Board of Directors there was a conversation about the pile(s) of sheet music accumulated¬†over the last nine years. Quite a few file cabinets had been donated as things grew¬†but they were overflowing and the Windward Choral Society’s storage unit was starting to look like an episode of “Hoarders”. There was talk of building shelving (wood is way too expensive for that) or finding shelves that wouldn’t break the WCS bank.

Two things happened to make it all go. First, Home Depot had a sale and the EXACT shelving necessary to take advantage of every inch of usable space went on sale for Labor Day. Yay. The second was the generous donation of the money to make the purchase. Yay again (big time). A pickup truck was loaded with boxes of shelf kits and all that was needed was manpower (and womanpower) to move everything out of the storage unit, build the shelves, and put Humpty-Dumpty back together again in a way-more-useful configuration.

A small army descended upon Kaneohe on Saturday morning to do just that. Tables were set up in the hallway and music was pulled out of filing cabinets (off they went to the Salvation Army) and boxes (off they went to the recycle bin), new accordion folders were filled and shelves magically took shape. A little MacGyver-ing stacked the shelves to the ceiling and in just under 2 1/2 hours chaos and confusion was transformed into this:


And that’s only six of the ten shelves, now there’s room for more!

Thanks and congrats to everyone who made it happen, Susie isn’t going to be able to wipe the smile off her face until March.

Of 2018.