If you haven’t cruised the Chorus Connection Membership Directory it’s a great way to learn more about the folks you sing with, maybe discover someone with a mutual interest or finally place a name with the face of that person you’ve enjoyed so many conversations with (while ensuring that they don’t know that you don’t know their name). We’re a big, happy, musical and diverse family.

Looking for a little help? We’ve got:

  • Multiple attorneys
  • A piano tuner
  • A piano teacher
  • A psychologist
  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • A flight attendant
  • A Marine reservist and many veterans (thank you all)
  • A librarian
  • A SCUBA Divemaster
  • Multiple small business owners
  • Multiple current and former barbershop singers

And vocations I’m not sure I entirely understand…

  • Domestic goddess
  • Muppet impersonator
  • Someone who simply describes their occupation as “human being”
  • A hang glider test pilot (nope, I didn’t make that up)
  • Someone whose job includes the words “Missile Defense Agency” (If Armageddon is imminent I’m hiding at his house)

As for some interesting nuggets of information, one of our members solidified a love of sushi by eating a goldfish when she was young and there are two fans of the same ice hockey team. Yeah, in Hawaii. Yeah, that’s a little weird. Also, if you search for the word “beer” you’ll get more than one result. That’s not weird.

It’s absolutely no surprise that we’re up to our treble clefs with people active in the community. We have volunteers helping out with the Boy Scouts, Elks Club, Lions Club, Rotary Club, American Heart Association, Hawaii Foodbank, American Cancer Society, Family Promise, Institute for Human Services, Shriner’s Hospital and a long list of churches.

If you haven’t filled in your profile beyond your email address, take a few minutes to introduce yourself and share a little bit of who you are. Who knows, you might find someone looking for beer. And that’s never a bad thing!

In the Blogmeister’s humble opinion:

Best comment: “Unless my husband is restraining me, I will be the first person on the dance floor.”

Best picture: Felix (actually it’s not actually OF Felix but…well…you just gotta go look)