This has exactly nada to do with singing but is my version of celebrating being alive. Until I found this on YouTube I didn’t even know the technology existed to make this kind of video but I love how they used it! The result is a complete sphere of view, just click and drag in the window to “look around”. If you “turn” to the right at the beginning you can see a second hang glider launching at the same time…very cool. I highly recommend watching several times to look at different stuff. The view of Half Dome, skimming Yosemite Falls…aaahhhh. Looking straight down is amazing, looking backward to watch the pilot is just as good. Go back to the beginning and look backwards to watch him run into the sky.

Back when I did this sort of thing for a living (yeah, it can be a job…if you don’t need a savings account…8 fun years but no fancy clothes!) I had the opportunity to fly Yosemite several times and I still remember how it felt, smelled, made the little hairs on my arms stand up…it’s one of those magical life experiences.

(The pilot did cheat a little bit but I’ll cut him some slack; look back at him for the last 30 seconds to watch the ground scream by and notice how he runs a bit as he lands. Also notice how it fades out about before he stops. That’s because 1) the altitude at the landing zone is over 4,000′ so┬áthe thin air means you come in like the space shuttle and 2) if you run out a landing like that it always ends poorly. Thud. Trust me…been there, had grass-stained knees.)