Ah, concert night. A nice case of the butterflies, singing with the your friends, the crowd goes wild and all is right with the world. Our (always appreciative) audience came for a great show and weren’t disappointed and went back to their cars (in the rain) with big smiles on their faces. They saw and heard music from all over the planet, thought Susie was awesome and the new ones added themselves to the I-won’t-miss-any-of-THEIR-concerts club.

But what DIDN’T they see? What else was going on that made it all work without them even knowing? The list is long and most assuredly worthy of mention. They never saw…

…months of rehearsal to get us to where the music seemed effortless. Unless they’re a choral singer there’s no way they’d know what it really took.

…the risers magically appear; they were just there.

…all the fiddling with the sound system and amplifier so that people could talk and be heard and instruments could be played and be heard.

…the hours of work that turned into the printed program. And the fliers. And the web site. And the article in MidWeek.

…how many volunteers it took to make the concert happen.

…how many volunteers it takes for the Windward Choral Society to exist at all. They’re the engine that makes it go.

…how hilarious things can get with our group.

…how serious things can get with our group.

…how meaningful things can get with our group.

…the magic of Tommy Yee the accompanist (they got to see the magic of Tommy Yee the pianist…yikes), that subtle talent that saves the day so many times when we need a hero.

Bring on show #2!