When you work really hard at something that’s really hard to do and you get one shot at it in front of an audience and it works it’s interesting to look inside yourself to see your internal reaction. Mine was, “What just happened?”. I was just a little stunned for a minute after being surrounded by the power of the thing we’d just done. Given the reaction of the audience, I don’t think I was alone.

If you haven’t already, listen to this as if you were hearing the piece for the very first time; don’t listen to hear that wrong note you think you sang, leave the critic behind and just be a member of the audience.


Made my momma cry, she sent me this after I passed on the YouTube link.

“OH MY!!  That was just amazing.  We both sat and listened to every minute.  BEAUTIFUL.

The Pie Jesu had me totally in tears.  What solo voices!  And the chorus was fabulous.
What is kind of fun is that it all sounded effortless.  I had to really listen to realize that more often than not there was no clue in the accompaniment ………you had to hang a note in your head somewhere and hope against hope that it was the right one for that nano-second.
There were truly no “boo-boos”.  Kudos to all, especially Susan!!”