It’s September.

Holman Hall was packed.

Christmas music rolled across the parking lot.

All is right with the world.

Yup, the Windward Choral Society is back in action and two things happened last night when the music packets were picked up. First, the seasoned veterans thumbed through it and thought, “This looks interesting”. Second, the newcomers thumbed through it and thought, “This is terrifying”. Fear not thou unitiated, all will be well by the time December rolls around and our audiences will again enjoy both music they recognize and music they don’t. They’ve come to expect to be amazed and we’ll make it all work. Honest. The Blogmeister wouldn’t lie to you.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I hear what you’re saying (as you shake your head and little beads of sweat form on your forehead). “This says we’re going to make bird sounds”. “This changes key after EVERY MEASURE”. “This changes time signature after EVERY MEASURE”. And for some of you: “I don’t know what a key or a time signature is and NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE”.

As Susie started with last night, all shall be well. I’m sure she selected that warm-up exercise to bring forth two messages. “Don’t be scared” and “trust me, it’ll all work”. If you’ve been around for a while then you know it’s true, if you haven’t well…you’ll just have to trust us. Let yourself be reminded of all the smiles and laughter that made its way through the room as the music was being distributed and papers were being filled out. Handshakes and hugs and not a smidge of panic. That’s how we roll, feel free to climb on board.

And come back next week even if you have no clue what happened. I gaurantee you that it will slowly start to come together and the joy of music will sneak in and make you love it. Let the Charlie Brown tune roll through your head and be in a happy place.