Ah, that one rehearsal…the over-the-hump rehearsal. The hey-it’s-starting to make sense rehearsal. The run-through-the-whole-show-and-nobody-got-hurt rehearsal.

It’s always a little scary when the boss says we’re going to do all the pieces in one evening to figure out “where we’re at” (as she so eloquently calls it). There’s always a little voice in your head that tries to convince you that you’re not ready for this and there are still some really rough spots and some of the songs don’t make any sense and NOOOOOO!!!!!

And then you do it and you realize that you DO know your way around the music and you’re actually adding more flavor to it than just words and notes. Heck, a lot of the work was pretty dang good. I don’t know about you but I left last night’s rehearsal with a big smile and a positive outlook on the concerts coming up (which I did NOT have the first time we stumbled through “This We Know”). As I mentioned last week, this has been a journey and we seem to have made it past the mud and gravel to the paved road. I hope you feel the same way.

So what happens now? Take the next few weeks off because we survived “where we’re at”? Doubtful. Now it’s time to massage and explore and improve. Now it’s time to elevate things to the next level, the place where an audience feels like they’re part of the music. We’re getting closer every week and the end of the journet is starting to come into view

That’s not to imply there won’t be a pothole or two along the way. We still got us some work to do, don’t ya know.