The Joy of Music is about to launch itself again, an evening sure to be a grand combination of fun, entertainment, heartwarming moments and (we hope) a successful fundraiser for our merry band of singers. Whether attending as a dinner guest or just participating as a member of the chorus, I can tell you (from experience) that this WCS performance will be a different animal that demands a slightly different approach.

A typical concert has a reasonably long wind-up period as we get the venue squared away, warm up a bit, spend a few moments chatting together, gather outside and stroll on in ready to rock the house. THIS gig has a slightly more condensed schedule…you say to the folks at your table that it’s time for you to sing and then you go sing.


(We’ll gloss over the fact that you’ll probably have had a glass of wine or two…be smart about that, no weaving and stumbling onto the risers.)

Acknowledging that the people gathered are there for the singular purpose of supporting us, it’s important that we give them our absolute best. The last thing we want someone who paid a pretty decent chunk of change to think after we sing is, “Well…that was disappointing…”. With so little preparation time it’s essential that you get your head in the game quickly and completely.

And how do you do that? First, enjoy sharing the moment with the rest of the singers. There’s no better support network than a group that’s just as eager to do well as you are. Second, focus. Seriously. The time to look out in the audience is NOT when you get on the risers to sing. Feel free to wear the smile that shines through when music is about to happen but be laser-sharp in your attention to Susie. She needs to be the absolute center of attention as we gather ourselves together and hit that first downbeat.

So here’s the cool thing…once we start singing we’ll settle right into that comfort zone we all feel when we’re performing. You know your music, Tommy will be epic, the audience will love it…don’t lose your focus but draw them into the moment. In between songs make that eye contact with your friends and let them know that you’re singing for them and appreciate their support.

Like the theme for the evening says, “Let’s Make Beautiful Music Together”. Smile and center yourself as you focus and the “together” part will quickly include the entire room…the one full of people who are here to make sure we continue to succeed.