No long musings in the land of rehearsals, brining a turkey, getting the grill rotisserie figured out for said turkey, a vat of gravy the size of a bathtub, deciding how to stuff five side dishes into an oven built for three, dinner for 15 (!), locking the cat in the office with the litter box and the food bowl (one of life’s little moments of joy), figuring out where to put a friend’s fryer for the second (!) turkey, making one huge table out of the dining room table and the poker table (every house should have one), deciding how to stuff eight cars in a driveway built for four…and that’s just page one of the list.

I just wanted to step back from the insanity for a minute to remind us all of the thousands of people in Hawaii who are thousands of miles from their loved ones on Thanksgiving.

Because they have one job.

To protect us and our way of life.

Don’t be shy about stopping anyone wearing a uniform and thanking them for spending their Thanksgiving here with us.

(And for those of you singing with the Marines at the Toys For Tots concert…make it your best. They’re worth it.)

And now, on to page two of the list.