Aaaaand…we’re off!

New faces, returning faces, old faces, all with a smile and a song on their lips. It sure was nice to be back in business and making a joyful noise. It was also interesting (and not all that unique) to have a simmering but recognizable level of panic associated with the fact that we have a concert in just a few weeks.

Say whaaat?!

Yeah, the African American History Month show is a whopping 25 days away. Start counting Tuesdays. Three.

Say whaaat?!

So here’s the good news: we’ve been down this road before and this now-annual concert is always awesome. Fear not, but SERIOUSLY play the game. What does that mean? Total focus in rehearsals and spending some quality time with the music on the (brutally few in number) other days between now and then. Find out who already knows some of the pieces and listen to them when we’re working our way through the parts. As the boss would say, if you get lost…get found. Most importantly, at least in my limited capacity to form complete thoughts, relax. There’s hard work ahead and you can’t do it well if you’re stressed. As I’ve said many times, you’re surrounded with support and singers who know the path to success. Take a deep breath, put a grin on your face and let them help.

Look at it this way…at least we don’t have to memorize everything!

(Sorry…that was kinda scary-sounding. Laugh and roll on…)