So how fun was THAT show? The 2019 African-American History Month concert had an almost-full house instead of our regular overflow crowd thanks to the weather (Mauna Kea had a 191 mph wind gust…yikes) but a good time was had by all. I think it had a little more “oomph” than some other concerts because of 1) the repertoire, which was awesome and 2) all the extra people who joined in. We often have guests but this seemed to be a particularly fun (eccentric?) bunch. Whether it was the total freestyling above the choir or the seriously deeeeep bass or the Marine drummer or the funky organ sounds, it just all seemed to mash together to make something special happen.

Not too shabby for only four rehearsals, pat yourselves on the back fo’ dat one. Including all the memorization…be warned, people. Now that you’ve shown the boss what you can do she’s gonna expect it again!

My favorite moment? The absolute roar at the end of “He Never Failed Me Yet”. Da kine chicken skin moment. There’s a threshold above “thunderous applause” that you reach when people cheer as one and that audience reaction went right on over it. I recall audiences that grew to that loud before but not just >BLAM< like that. It was awesome. Our Marine drummer said, “Whoa…”.

Bask in the glow…until tomorrow…then it’s back to work. We have another show in 12 days!