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Chorus America Impact of Choral Singing Study

by karyn castro

Have you heard the latest? Chorus America, “the advocacy, research, and leadership development organization for choruses, choral leaders, and singers,” has come out with a study recently on How Children, Adults, and Communities Benefit from Choruses. Here are some of the key findings: 1. Choral singing continues to be the most popular form of participation in […]

Windward Notes: Don’t Relax, Worry

by WCS Blogmeister

(Blogmeister note: this is the first of two blog entries pertaining to this week’s concerts. Info nuggets to nibble on, especially if you’re new to this sort of insanity.) “If you’re nervous, that means you care and you want to give your best.” – Adriana Lima Whether you’ve been singing since Beethoven figured out which […]

Windward Notes – Athletics in the Rehearsal Hall

by WCS Blogmeister

Kristina Olsen, a singer and songwriter I had a chance to spend some time with way back when, described musicians and singers as “small muscle athletes”. She pointed out that practicing not only makes you proficient, it also gets these muscles in shape. If you play an instrument like a guitar, your strengthening fingers can […]

Windward Notes – Worms in My Ears

by WCS Blogmeister

Professor James Kellaris from the University of Cincinnati created the term “earworm” to describe the little lumps of music that get stuck in your head and just won’t go away. They pop up out of nowhere and simply will Not. Get. Out .Of .Your. Head. He also published his own “Playlist from Hell” (beware…reading further […]

Windward Notes is Born

by WCS Blogmeister

Welcome to “Windward Notes”, the latest addition to our little corner of the internet that will be appear as part of the News section of the site. We hope this blog will become a place you visit often to find out what’s happening, a source for things you might find interesting (or thought-provoking or informative […]

WCS featured on Living Local!

by eliza

More than a hundred voices for one sweet sound! The Windward Choral Society, directed by Susan Duprey, promotes the joy of music across Hawaii and beyond. Bernadette Baraquio reports for LIVING LOCAL TV. Published on Nov 21, 2014

Up Close and Personal with Beethoven

by eliza

Sunday, February 2—yep, Super Bowl Sunday–while millions watched the Seattle Sea Hawks battle the Denver Broncos, a dedicated group of 60 singers from WCS, Kona Choral Society, and independent singers joined forces with Chorus Without Borders, a Japanese choral group touring the world to raise awareness of Japanese tsunami victims, to get up close and […]

Holiday Concerts Presented to Record Audiences

by eliza

Windward Choral Society (WCS) presented its sixth annual holiday concerts on December 3 and 4 to the largest audiences in their history.  The first evening, in the new venue of St. Anthony’s Church in Kailua, 400 people filled the church to hear multi-cultural holiday music—some in Spanish, Swedish, and Hebrew—with enhancement by members of the […]