Mahalo to everyone for making Joy of Music… And All That Jazz! such a wonderful event.
We are blessed with the love and support of the community, and continue to aspire to bring a more music to the world.
From our ‘Ohana, mahalo.

Stay tuned for more information of upcoming concerts! We’ll see you in two years for our next celebration of the Joy of Music. 

Joy of Music

Silver Foxes

Click on the picture above to see a video of the Silver Foxes in all their glory! Mahalo to Patrick Dougherty, son of Silver Fox member Christina Dougherty, for the wonderful footage. 

This year we are pleased to honor the Silver Foxes with the McCreary Na Ke Akua Aloha Mele Award. The Silver Foxes is a singing group whose members are all over the age of sixty. Their primary purpose is to spread joy through their own joy. Their philosophy is you are never too old to have fun and find joy in whatever you do. They hope to inspire others to embrace their age and grasp their dreams. The Silver Foxes are constantly exploring ways to reach out to the community, leaving smiles on their faces and laughter in their hearts.


For more information please call Pat Tom at (808) 989-1520, or email us at